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Conquer, a shared challenge among:

Cetaqua is a model of public-private collaboration that was created to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the water cycle while taking regional needs into account.

Role in the Conquer project: Cetaqua will be in charge of the prototypes design and the technical direction of the operation, as well as the technical, environmental and economic assessment of the technology CETAQUA will give technical input on the replication assessments and on the business plan.

Aguas de Murcia (EMUASA) is a joint venture service company, with 51% owned by the City of Murcia and 49% owned by HIDROGEA, within the Agbar Group, the first private operator of urban water management in Spain and one of the world leaders in the industry.

Role in the Conquer project: EMUASA is the manager of the project site and will be in charge of the permit procedures acquisition, the operation and maintenance of the pilot site and the periodic analytical monitoring.

Aquatec is part of the Agbar Group and is a hydrogeological consulting and engineering firm that provides global solutions that contribute to sustainable development in the water sector through innovation in the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, groundwater, and tertiary treatment of reuse and reserve osmosis desalination plants.

Role in the Conquer project: Aquatec will be responsible to draw the replication strategy of the solution, as well as to define the technology business plan.


The LIFE CONQUER project is open to collaboration and exchange of good practices with other projects, in order to create synergies and share results.

If you are interested in learning more about our project, exchanging information or participating in activities with LIFE CONQUER, please contact us!

The list of European projects with which LIFE CONQUER has already activated contacts and undertaken networking actions can be found below:

LIFE 3E logo

LIFE-3E: Environment-Energy-Economy (LIFE19 ENV/ES/000143), co-financed by the LIFE Programme of the European Union, aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative process to promote water reclamation and reuse, integrating the production of in-situ renewable energy in the coastal Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant (UWWTP) of Comillas (Cantabria, Spain).

The SAFE T-WATER project is about a new eco-innovative drinking water treatment based on one-step chemical technology, using a multifunctional natural polymer.

This technology allows us to eliminate all corrosive chemicals commonly used as inorganic coagulants (aluminium and iron-based), polyacrylamide-based polymers and other hazardous neutralising agents, improving the safety in the handling of products, the maintenance of treatment facilities and the quality of drinking water.


RE-FERTILIZE. A nitrogen removal and recovery project

EasyMining´s Nitrogen Removal Process enables efficient removal and recovery of ammonium from aqueous flows.

EasyMining’s new patented innovation enables efficient removal and recovery of ammonium from aqueous flows. In our unique solution nitrogen is captured by an adsorption chemical and separated from the wastewater. As a second step, the captured ammonium is recovered in a conversion plant to a fertilizer and the adsorption chemical is regenerated to be used again.