Tangible and measurable social, economic and environmental benefits

From the idea to the final product

During the lifetime of the Conquer project, a broad range of significant outputs and quantified achievements will be delivered in search of the most effective and efficient way to reach the main goal: the demonstration of an innovative water reclamation process based on the use of Smart Nanofiltration (NF) that will divide salinity and nitrates, obtaining a produced reclaimed water rich in nutrients to re-use it for irrigation, and remove dissolved salts by concentrating them in brines.

Main outputs and achievements

Demonstration of the technical feasibility of LIFE CONQUER treatment train which will enable:

Reduction of 11%

of the total water footprint of Murcia city urban irrigation system through the use of 201.480 m3/year of reclaimed water in substitution of potable and groundwater

Reduction of 15%

of total energy consumption in Murcia city urban irrigation system

Reduction of 30%

of the total NaClO consumption thanks to on-site brine valorization (29 tn NaClO/year) at EMUASA facilities (16 WWTPs)

Up to 12%

of the total water demand for non-potable municipal uses of the city will be through regenerated water

Reduction of eutrophication potential

by avoiding the discharge to natural water bodies of 0.49tn of equivalent Nitrogen/year through its recycling in Murcia parks irrigation