LIFE Conquer and LIFE RE-Fertilize set common paths to walk together towards circularity

The LIFE Conquer and LIFE RE-Fertilize projects, both co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union, held a networking meeting last 28th June 2022 to exchange information and knowledge, look for future synergies and propose joint actions in communication with the final objective of transforming linear processes into circular.

Both LIFE Conquer and LIFE RE-Fertilize have a strong commitment with circularity: on the one hand, LIFE Conquer aims to promote the circular economy by developing a system to reuse contaminated groundwater infiltrated in residential areas, maintaining the necessary nutrients and eliminating salinity for irrigation purposes in the city of Murcia (Spain), while LIFE RE-Fertilize (which is led by Easy Mining), on the other hand, aims to make the linear flow of nitrogen circular and sustainable.

The meeting was attended by 5 representatives from the two projects and consisted of a networking to exchange ideas, knowledge and set common paths to join forces and walk in the same direction towards circularity.

This meeting was a first step, stay tuned to discover which are the next steps!

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