LIFE Conquer is sharing knowledge in international events

Life Conquer is sharing knowledge in international events

To communicate the progress of the LIFE Conquer project is key to its overall dissemination strategy. Therefore, we are committed to sharing our knowledge from the very beginning through participating in different congresses, workshops, events, and conferences. This way, we are able to reach different kinds of audiences, such as the scientific community or potential end-users and to collect feedback and detect potential future applications of the innovations developed in the framework of the project.

In 2021, the LIFE Conquer project has been presented at:

Interreg Europe Aquares workshop
Interregional workshop on water reuse technologies

10th International Symposium on Food Technology Food´21
The aim of the Symposium is to favor state-of-the-art technology transfer for sectoral firms; to do that, important national and international technologists have been invited to participate and share their knowledge and experience with other participants and attendees.

The project’s consortium aims to keep spreading the word about the LIFE  Conquer project in the future months. If there is any congress, workshop or conference in which this initiative could fit, please let us know in our contact form.