LIFE Conquer participates in a networking meeting with LIFE T-Water

LIFE Conquer and LIFE Safe T-Water are European projects co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union. With the aim of exchanging information about both projects, LIFE Safe T-Water organized a networking meeting on May 25th 2022 in which LIFE Conquer representatives actively participated.

Both LIFE Safe T-Water and LIFE Conquer have a shared objective, which is offering optimum water quality.On the one hand, LIFE Safe T-Water offers a technology that allows the elimination of all corrosive chemicals used as neutralizing agents in water treatment, improving the safety in the handling of products, the maintenance of treatment facilities and the quality of water for human consumption. On the other hand, LIFE Conquer aims to promote the circular economy by developing a system to reuse contaminated groundwater infiltrated in residential areas, maintaining the necessary nutrients and eliminating salinity for irrigation purposes in the city of Murcia (Spain).

14 representatives from the six projects presented in the workshop attended the meeting, who exchanged ideas and acquired knowledge and experience with the aim of improving in future actions.

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