The notice board of LIFE Conquer, already installed in the pilot plant

The LIFE Conquer pilot plant already has a notice board. Located in the Zarandona WRP (Water Reclamation Plant) in Murcia, this material aims to make the initiative known to all who have contact with the pilot during the lifetime of the project. Users, technicians and interested persons may have access to this information point.

What is the objective of LIFE Conquer? What is this pilot investigating? All this information, and much more, is reflected in this notice board. It sets out the goals of the project and the system developed in this pilot plant to reuse contaminated groundwater infiltrated in residential areas for irrigation purposes in Murcia.

All of this with an infographic that explains both the current process and the Conquer alternative, which consists in dividing nitrates and salinity and obtaining an effluent rich in nutrients to reuse for irrigation instead of being discharged to the environment, while brines will be transformed into disinfectant.

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